We’re finally starting to get some weather that almost resembles spring here, which is long overdue. We were thinking about driving up to the Tulip Festival this weekend, which runs for the entire month of April, but apparently winter has dragged on so long that none of the tulips are blooming yet. Oh well, some other weekend.

I was also thinking that since the weather is warming up, maybe I could start working on organizing the garage. But we don’t have daycare today (Patsy had to go out of town for the weekend – parents’ weekend at her son’s college), and the idea of trying to work on the garage with Cate around seems sort of impossible. The garage is one massive baby hazard, and I’m going to be up to my elbows in dust and cobwebs (thank the lord for those heavy duty gardening gloves, so I don’t have to actually feel the spider webs), so… yeah, no way. I’ll tackle the garage next week when Cate is safe at someone else’s house.

Anyway, I know it seems like I just post one video after another these days, and I guess the novelty of having a baby! who! walks! on two feet! for real! will wear off eventually, but for now, I hope I don’t annoy you guys too much with these.


Since it was finally semi-warm out, we let Cate try walking on the deck for the first time. She was extra-cautious and walked sort of like a little old man, but she had fun. And you can hear her scream “dabbyyy!” (one of her many names for the cats) after one of them saw her coming and bolted for the fenceline, a half-acre away.

One thought on “spring

  1. You sure won’t annoy me– I love all the videos!

    She is so good on her feet for someone who’s only been walking a couple of weeks. You can tell she was practicing it all in her head before she started.

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