and now, to lighten the mood

Thanks everybody for the well wishes. Cate seems to be feeling back to normal except for a slightly runny nose, but that’s nothing we can’t handle.

In the last couple of days, she’s suddenly started walking a lot more. I know I link to videos an awful lot, but the grandparents love these, and I can’t get over how cute she is with her little Frankenstein stagger.

(Apologies for the weird lighting. Evening in our house makes for some serious glares.)

3 thoughts on “and now, to lighten the mood

  1. AAAAAH The Franken-walk is so CUTE! I love, love, love the denture-cream face she makes as she’s concentrating on walking and chewing on her gums. SO funny. I’m impressed that she can walk and play with a cup full of snacks at the same time.

    I’m at work had to watch with the sound turned off, but I have a feeling there were some cute baby noises. I’ll listen when I get home.

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