could I be more unobservant?

I’ve been looking and looking for Cate’s top two teeth to finally make an appearance, because she’s been gnawing on everything in sight and drooling like crazy for a while. (One of her favorite teething rings? My collarbone. Ow.) And lo and behold, she did have a tooth break through yesterday… on the bottom. I didn’t even notice it until Patsy pointed it out to me. God, Mother of the Year, that’s me. Way to pick up on those major milestones.

Anyway, one tooth is totally out and the other one is not far behind. So, it looks like she’s soon going to have four teeth on the bottom and none on top. The poor kiddo is going to look like a little baby bulldog.

Oh, and you know my theory that the snotty nose was related to teething? Well, Monday, I was wiping her nose every five minutes (sometimes more often). Then the tooth broke through on Tuesday, and there has been nary a single booger since then. So what do you know, I guess my theory that the two things were related was actually pretty accurate. Score one for the Mommy Instinct.

3 thoughts on “could I be more unobservant?

  1. Yea teeth breaking through! Boo collar bones as teething rings. Try a small lemon, Catie seems to enjoy them. They are the perfect size for her little hands and she can’t break through the skin to get to the fruit.

  2. I’m glad you got the booger thing figured out, O wise mommy!

    E-baby’s four molars have come in over the last month and they were pushing through as big as hubcaps before I noticed them– and she’d been as mad as a snake about it for weeks! So no, I’m not surprised that a couple of teeth snuck past you unnoticed. 🙂 The babyb bulldog image made me laugh coffee out my nose. Ouch.

  3. Since you guessed at it, I’ve heard the teeth-runny nose thing from several different parents of older kids. Not that it’s a sign we would’ve noticed, all 3 of us have had runny noses almost constantly since E started daycare. She and the other kids have learned to share [germs].

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