our house is not that fun right now

Dave has been sick with a horrible cold all week, which means I’ve been spending the week torn between nagging him to wash his hands ten thousand times a day before he picks up the baby, and fervently praying that Cate and I don’t catch it from him.

So far? I think I’m catching it. I’m fighting it off pretty well: drinking tons of fluids, taking vitamin C and zinc every few hours to keep my immune system boosted, and doing saline nasal irrigation several times a day (which is really disgusting, but I’ve found that it sometimes can successfully fight off sinus infections, so why not give it a shot?). It’s funny because if we didn’t have a baby, I’m sure that I would’ve surrendered a couple of days ago and just declared myself sick and that would’ve been that. But now I’m all, “oh HELL no, you’re not taking me down without a fight, cold germs!” I ain’t going out like that.

Cate seems to be fine. She’s a bit snottier than usual, but I think that may be because she’s been crying a lot more since her second tooth just broke through. Poor baby.

Today, Very-Sick Dave, Almost-Sick me, and Weepy-Bitey Cate headed off to our local district court to get Cate her first passport. Fun! As you might have expected, it was a fully dramatic trip involving two separate trips to the courthouse because in spite of all my planning, we were unprepared for everything we were going to need. Who knew they’d only take checks and not my debit card? So off to the bank we went, where I learned that they will, in fact, print off a sheet of three personal checks for you. Isn’t that nice? I had no idea that service existed. And it’s only a $1 fee per check, so that’s a lot better than a $5 money order. (It was either that or drive ten miles back to the boonies to get the checkbook which lives in my purse, not my diaper bag. And, dude. No way.)

I’m not sure when we’re going to the UK to visit Dave’s family, but I wanted to get all of our paperwork in line so that we can go whenever we want. I also had to get my passport updated, since it still had my maiden name on it, and also featured a pre-gastric bypass photo of me that I will be quite happy to never see again. Luckily mine can be done through the mail, no courthouse trips necessary.

But if Dave isn’t feeling better by tomorrow, I’m sending him to the doctor. The last thing I need is a husband in the hospital with pneumonia.

4 thoughts on “our house is not that fun right now

  1. We did multiple trips to get E’s passport too. The information we found on the web said that the post office wouold do everything, including the photos. But, when we got there (and stood in line) they told us tht they didn’t do pictures for kids under 4 years old. So… off to Wal-Mart, then back to stand in line again.

    It’s pretty odd to have a pasport for an infant. It’s also odd that TSA made us remover her tiny shoes, but that’s another story…

  2. Yeah, I knew from dealing with all of Dave’s immigration stuff that Kinko’s did passport photos, so we went there a couple of days beforehand to do our pictures.

    That’s really weird that you have to take a baby’s shoes off at airport security. Was it a one-time thing (like a particular TSA agent who was drunk with power), or is that a standard policy?

  3. Probably, “stupid, with power” would be more accurate. I hope it’s a one time thing, but since they don’t seem to have a limit on silly things, you never know.

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