just the three of us again

I’m so far behind on blogging and reading other people’s blogs, I feel like I’ll never catch up. The family visit is now officially over. To sum up the rotten air travel luck that my family had:

* My sister sat on the runway at JFK for 4 hours before her 6-hour flight to Seattle. I’m not sure how she endured that without throwing herself out of the emergency exit door with no parachute, but she did. You can probably guess the kind of mood she was in when she arrived, but she was fine by the next day. I wouldn’t have been, I think I would’ve been grumpy about that for weeks.

* My brother flew home on Sunday, and the airline lost his suitcase. It still hasn’t turned up. How does an airline lose a suitcase on a non-stop flight? One can only wonder.

* My parents were supposed to fly home yesterday, but their flight was cancelled. Which was really no big deal, since it meant that they got an extra day of Grandbaby Time, so they weren’t too terribly inconvenienced. They left early this afternoon instead.

I love having my family around, and this was a really great visit, although poor Catie is exhausted. I guess it’s the over-stimulation of having so many people around, and everyone talking to her and trying to get her to smile and laugh all the time. She’s totally worn out. Last night she woke up screaming every half hour, which she hasn’t done in forever. She didn’t need anything as far as I could tell. I’d bring her to bed with me, she’d fall asleep in about two minutes, I’d put her back in her crib, and we’d start all over again 30 minutes later. Finally at 2:30 a.m., I told Dave that she was going to sleep in our bed, and he agreed. She didn’t make a peep until 8:30 this morning.

Now I’m worried that we’ve established some sort of precedent and she’s going to expect to sleep in our bed every night, in which case she will be sorely disappointed. Mama needs her elbow room, and I don’t particularly enjoy waking up to someone trying to grab my nose and yank my hair out. Crazy, I know, but that’s just me.

4 thoughts on “just the three of us again

  1. What, you don’t like being woken up by tiny fingers snaking their way up your nose? Silly mommy. 😉

    I doubt you’re setting a precedent, even if you did it a few of times in a row. E has had to sleep with us a few times (teething, camping trip, beginning to crawl) and once the cause of the sleeplessness ends, so does the sleeplessness and she went back to her crib just fine each time. I wouldn’t be surprised if C was just fine tonight.

    It sounds like the travel gods frowned on the Butchees this week. I bet everyone on T’s flight were eating their own hands– TEN HOURS!!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe it was so difficult to travel out of Seattle. I will have to keep my fingers crossed next month because we are coming back up to close on the new house. Not sure if we will be down in Seattle proper long enough for a visit, but I will do what I can.
    Sounds like your little one must be teething and doesn’t feel soothed alone. Let me know how it goes since i am sure we’re not far behind.
    In case you are wondering, my Miss C is doing really well in school. I was worried that she would be sitting around in a crib all day but they do lots of activities to stimulate their senses (including blowing bubbles!) and give me lots of feedback. I am sure your Miss C will enjoy it too.

  3. >I don’t particularly enjoy waking >up to someone trying to grab my >nose and yank my hair out. Crazy, I >know, but that’s just me.

    thats not what you *used* to say 🙁


  4. Lizard, if it’s any consolation, I don’t think it was Seattle-specific. It seems like air travel problems have been happening all over the U.S. We saw stories about it on CNN and everything. Hopefully it will all blow over soon.

    Cate seems to be doing better at sleeping in her crib now that everyone is gone – she slept 10 hours straight last night (which is really unusual), and 9 hours the night before. I think the poor thing is just exhausted from having so many people around.

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