Congratulations, Scott & Cara!

On Saturday, we went to Scott and Cara’s wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, and Cate was really well-behaved, which I was a little nervous about. She got a bit fussy toward the end, but Dave ran her out to the lobby before she made too much noise, so it worked out pretty well.

Originally we were thinking that we wouldn’t stay too long at the reception because we wouldn’t know anyone. Dave and I have been to weddings before where we didn’t really know anyone except the bride and groom, and they’re always kind of awkward because we don’t have anyone to talk to except each other. I didn’t realize that apparently that rule gets thrown to the wind when you have a baby with you, because man, we met so many people that night. Although maybe that’s more a testament to Scott & Cara’s friends and family than anything else. Since neither of them are native Pacific Northwesterners, that might explain why everyone seemed a bit more friendly. (Nothing against the natives, they just tend to mingle amongst themselves at these types of events.)

Anyway, we had a great time. And I got to meet a couple of bloggy people that I had never met before (hi Alissa and Kelly!), which was very cool. And Scott & Cara had the same wedding photographer that we had at our wedding, who is so freaking talented that I just can’t stand it (free plug for her website so you can go see for yourself), and it reminded me that I want her to do some family portraits of us at some point in the near future. I just love her, and we got to meet her new husband – literally, they got married 3 days before Saturday – so that was very cool.

Of course, because I spent so much time talking with the photographer, I only took a grand total of two pictures myself, which I am kicking myself for, because it’s so rare that Dave and I get dressed up, it would’ve been nice to have a snapshot or two. Oh well.

So instead, here’s a little shout-out for Scott & Cara – or more specifically, for Scott’s employer, who I imagine is at least partially contributing to the financing of their honeymoon:

Cate says, “Nerds rule!”

(Ok, I actually bought that romper when I was pregnant and working for the Giant Software Company myself, but I think it’s hilarious. Dave says she isn’t allowed to leave the house in it, but whatever. We’ll see about that.)

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  1. Aloha and thank you! We were so happy you were able to join us at the reception, and it was great to meet Cate. She is such a honey bunny! I will post photos once we get back from Kauai. The nerds love the onesie. 🙂

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