6 thoughts on “by popular demand

  1. I love love love the hat pictures. In the pictures with Dave, it looks like she’s gotten noticeably taller!


  2. We haven’t really figured out who she looks like. I think she has my lips and nose, but her ears and forehead are totally Dave. I’m not sure whose eyes she has. I think we have to wait until she gets a little older and her features get more distinctive.

  3. I think she resembles you in this most recent shot. Love the flickr shots of her asleep on Dave’s chest. There are a bunch of those of my sister and father. ( By the time I came along, they were just trying not to burn the house down, though the kitchen wasn’t so lucky. 😉

    I caught a really sweet moment of my sister on her wedding day. We were doing the formal post-ceremony portraits in the church and she leaned in to hug my dad during a break in the action. She’s sort of resting her head on his shoulder, but she’s short, so it was kind of his chest. I put the baby photo side by side in a frame next to the wedding day photo as a Fathers’Day gift. My dad cried. So now you have your Fathers Day present in 2037 all picked out. 😉

    Keep up the good work, lady. You’re doing great.

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