meet the grandparents

Having my parents here this week has been really fun. They are both totally smitten with their first grandbaby, and it’s been hilarious to watch them interact with her. At first, my dad was afraid to hold her because she’s so small, but he got over it quickly. I swear, I don’t think the child’s butt is going to see any type of flat surface until they leave on Monday. My dad acts like we’re abusing her if I put her in the swing for two minutes while I run to the bathroom.

Thanks to my mom, the freezer in our garage is quickly getting filled with all kinds of yummy homemade meals, which I imagine will be a life-saver over the next few months. And she’s been getting up with me and the baby in the middle of the night, doing late-night diaper changes and helping settle Cate back down, so I can squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep, which has been an enormous help.

The only downside is that my dad is acting a bit like a little old lady with his worrywart tendencies. The baby sneezes once, so he freaks out that she must be cold – nevermind that the house is 70 degrees, and she’s wearing long-sleeved footed pajamas and is wrapped up in a thermal receiving blanket. Either that or he worries about the cats coming within ten feet of the baby, that kind of thing. It’s sort of endearing and irritating at the same time.

My brother and sister arrive tomorrow night, and they leave on Sunday. It’s kind of insane that they’re both flying cross-country (my sister from NYC, my brother from North Carolina) for essentially one day, but they both really want to meet their new little niece, and they couldn’t afford to take much time off from work, so they’re just making a weekend trip of it. Whatever works, I guess. I’m really looking forward to seeing them, and I know Cate is going to win them over immediately.

Oh, one random Mommy Fear that has already come true: I fell while carrying the baby. My parents and I were heading out to Target yesterday, I was carrying Cate in the car seat, and I tripped on the stoop in front of the house. I didn’t so much drop Cate, I more just set the car seat down really fast as I fell. The seat flipped over backwards, and Cate seemed a little freaked out when the receiving blanket fell forward and landed on her face, but otherwise she seemed totally fine.

I, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. I skinned the hell out of my shin and tore a hole in my jeans. And I was all proud of myself for being back in my pre-pregnancy jeans by the time I was one week post-partum. Oh well, I suppose I now have an excuse for my next trip to Old Navy.

2 thoughts on “meet the grandparents

  1. I’m sorry about the skinned knee but YAY for wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans! I’ve got another 10 lbs before I can wear mine. See, that stomach bug was good for something! I love the latest pictures of your parents and la bebe. They all look so happy.

  2. Well, I do still have quite a tummy pooch above the waist of my jeans, but hey, at least they button. So no complaints there. 🙂

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