CHAOS! at the hair salon

So, there’s this big holiday weekend approaching – which is technically a four-day weekend for me, since I don’t work on Fridays – and we have absolutely no plans. Because it appears that we are the Boring Household.

Ok, so that’s not entirely true. Dave and I are both getting haircuts on Saturday, and then afterward he’s meeting up with one of his friends at a local brewery. I volunteered to be their designated driver, because I’m nice like that. I haven’t decided if I’ll go back home and watch TV while they’re out getting sloppy drunk on expensive microbrews, or if I’ll go shopping and keep myself busy in the general vicinity of the brewery. Probably the latter.

** Random Story Alert **
I was supposed to get a haircut on Tuesday evening, but it didn’t happen. I went to the salon, got my eyebrows waxed (I was long overdue), and then when I was waiting for my hairstylist, the power went out. I have no idea why, there was no bad weather or anything.

You know the constant white noise of hair dryers that exists in most salons? It was suddenly rendered silent.

And the Gwen Stefani background music? Muted. Which, to me, was sort of a blessing.

I thought it was hilarious to sit back and watch all of the gorgeous size-two stylists in their high heels running around all aflutter because they didn’t know what to do. (That’s another random aside in itself: how do those girls wear those shoes when they work on their feet all day? I cannot imagine how much pain they must be in. Or maybe they’ve done it for so long that their nerve endings are irreparably damaged and they have no sensation in their feet anymore. I can’t figure it out.)

I’m sure the power outage would have been infinitely less amusing if I had been in the middle of getting highlights and was sitting under a hair dryer with a head full of tin foil. But I haven’t colored my hair since 2003, so that didn’t even occur to me until someone else pointed it out. I suppose I should be grateful that my haircut hadn’t even started yet.

Anyway, my hairstylist found me (in the dark! go her!), and we decided to just reschedule since nobody knew how long the power would be out. So now I’m getting a haircut at the same time as Dave on Saturday. Still, that was quite possibly one of the strangest hair salon experiences I’ve ever had.
** End of Random Story **

Ok, back to this weekend: haircut, designated driving… what else? Oh, one of Kris’s friends from Memphis is visiting this weekend, so I’ll be meeting up with them on Sunday for dinner. Aaaand, that’s about it. See? Boring.

Although, last weekend I started cleaning out our garage, which is a pretty huge feat, so I might be continuing that little project this weekend. There are still a lot of boxes of things from my old apartment that I never unpacked when I moved in with Dave, and because they’ve been left around for so long, now they have to be thrown out. Anyone need a toaster filled with cobwebs or a bottle of Pepto-Bismol that expired in 2005? I didn’t think so.

Of course, if you read this post and then just read the above paragraph, you have by now figured out that I am a bit of a hoarder. I have a very difficult time throwing things away. But that seems to be one of the perks of pregnancy, I’m now running around shoving everything that I don’t absolutely need into trash cans. I’m trying not to throw away any of Dave’s stuff unless he’s given me express permission to do so, but it’s really difficult.

4 thoughts on “CHAOS! at the hair salon

  1. There is something about pregnancy that makes you want to toss excess junk. It makes perfect sense, as 1 baby seems to have twice as much gear as 2 adults. I keep trying to toss out furniture right from under Tony’s butt. And he doesn’t need that many clothes, right?

  2. Cleaning the garage out? Good luck with that. I wanted to do that when I stayed, but unfortunately, I wasn’t staying for 6 weeks…..
    …and Dave; a trip to a brewery? That sounds like something I would like to participate in…

  3. Have fun with the obsessive cleaning this weekend. I never did that, much to Ernie’s great relief (because I always seem to throw out stuff he “needs more than anything in the world”). I did obsessively cook and fill my freezer when I was pregnant, though…my mother had all these plans to come and cook for us and freeze it so we wouldn’t have to worry about what to eat when Gaby was a newborn — and when she opened my freezer, food literally fell on her.

  4. The cooking and freezing hasn’t started for me yet. But, last weekend I did clean out the entire giant freezer in our garage. Mainly because Dave left the freezer door open an inch or so the last time he went out there, and neither of us noticed for at least a week, so… yeah. Gross. Everything had to go.

    The good news is, though, I now have a giant, empty, freshly-cleaned freezer that is just *waiting* for that particular nesting instinct to kick in.

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