Saturday shopping fun

The food cravings took a step up this weekend. On Saturday, I saw an advertisement for the “funnel cake pancakes” at IHOP, and decided that I had to have some. Like right then. Waiting was not an option.

The problem is that the IHOP nearest to our house is about, oh, twenty-five miles away. Then I had a stroke of genius: the town where IHOP is? There’s a Babies R’ Us about half a mile down the street. And Dave has never been to Babies R’ Us before. Perfect! Maybe we could pick out nursery furniture, or even start our gift registry.

(Aside: I’ve been told by several people that I have to have a registry, even though I don’t want one. I worry it will make people think I want a baby shower, and my god, people, you have no idea how much I don’t want a baby shower. The thought alone makes me break out in hives. Nothing against baby showers in general, just the idea of me having to be the center of attention and ooh and ahh over all the twee little baby things, and then the thank-you notes afterward… Gah. I still feel guilty about the fact that I totally forgot to write thank-you notes for my bridal shower. Please, just no.)

So! I went into this manic “let’s go to Babies R Us and shop and then we’ll go to IHOP and have breakfast food for dinner and won’t that be FUN?!?!?!!” mode, and Dave wisely sensed that he shouldn’t argue with me. (He’s starting to learn that when the Crazy Pregnant Lady emerges, he needs to back off and let her win.) Twenty minutes later, we set off on our little Saturday afternoon adventure.

If I had given the trip any forethought, and taken into account my husband’s love of all things electronic, I would’ve known to take him straight to the displays of bouncy seats and swings. What with all the little buttons to push and knobs to tweak, that was hands-down his favorite part of the whole store. I could practically see the wheels clicking in his head as he was trying to decide if he could reconfigure the motor in the electronic swing and set it for some uber-sonic “instant vomit” speed. (Please don’t call Child Protective Services on us just yet.)

We wandered around the store for a couple of hours, took mental notes of a lot of different things that we liked and didn’t like, and that was about it. We didn’t buy a single thing, nor did we start a gift registry. Oh well, it was still fun to look around. I just seem to be incapable of making decisions about anything until we know whether this baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

On our way out of the store, I had a sudden realization:

Me: “Ummm… Don’t get mad at me?”
Dave (suspicious): “What?”
Me: “I don’t really want pancakes anymore.”

It’s true, the craving had totally passed. In fact, the thought of pancakes – all of the carbs and sugar and ensuing bloat – sounded slightly nauseating. So basically, we drove twenty-five miles out of our way just to walk around Babies R’ Us and not buy anything.

We stopped at a steak restaurant on our way home. It was delicious.

4 thoughts on “Saturday shopping fun

  1. Ah, those wonderful pregnancy cravings. I used to make Ernie stop at a fried chicken place at 9 p.m. every week on our way home from birthing class. Just because we’d drive past it and I’d see the damn sign.

  2. I did that last month. Dave mentioned McDonald’s, and then I had to have it. That was the first Big Mac I’ve eaten since I saw Super-Size Me, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best Big Mac ever.

    (I was disappointed, however, that the fries were not nearly salty enough. What’s up with that?)

  3. I’ve had those pregnancy cravings for iHop too… mostly only pigs-in-blankets though. Cat understands, and fully supports my pigging out at iHop when she travels on buisiness.

  4. Oooh, have you ever made your own pigs-in-blankets? You just need some of those “lil smokies” mini-sausages (pork or beef, whatever your preference) and a package of Pillsbury crescent rolls. Tear up the crescent roll dough and wrap it around the sausages, then bake according to the rolls’ instructions. De-licious.

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