This is going to be short because I’m exhausted after my 10-hour workday and not enough sleep. Forgive me if I’m a bit rambly and nonsensical. Work is good, it’s just very different from my last job. During my last contract, no one really knew I existed and I just sat in my office and did my thing all day. “My thing” consisted either of writing, or goofing off when I had nothing to write. Here’s the difference: today was my first day on my own, because the guy I’m replacing is now gone (yesterday was his last day), so I finally got a computer that I could log into and check my work email. I had literally 59 emails from people either asking me questions or inviting me to meetings that I “need” to attend. I don’t think I had that many emails in the entire 5 months I worked at the previous job, so obviously this is a bit of a shock to my system. I think I’m going to enjoy it, I’m just going through an adjustment period. I was very panicky/anxious/edge-of-tears all day today because I was freaked out that I wasn’t going to be able to respond to everyone adequately or quickly enough. I’ll be fine, I just need more sleep.

Unrelated: Last night, in the middle of taking a shower, Dave banged on the door. We generally have an unspoken “thou shalt not disturb each other’s bathroom time” rule in our marriage, so I figured something bad had happened. I couldn’t really understand him through the door, I just heard, “Turn off the water!” Good thing I was just finishing up. It turned out that while I was in the shower, he was downstairs in his office, and he heard a vaguely familiar glub-glub-glub sound from the downstairs bathroom. The septic tank overflowed into the house again. It’s so gross. We’re getting a plumber this time. Don’t get me wrong, Dave is still a gem among men, because when this happened and I was running around the house in a towel, freaking out over sewage on the freshly-cleaned floor for the second time in less than a week, he told me to go to bed and he’d clean it up. And he did, too. But we still need a professional to look at it, because seriously, that just ain’t right.

And on that note, it’s my bedtime. Tomorrow after work, I’m going to see a movie that I have no desire to see (Pride & Prejudice – I know someone is going to revoke my Girl Membership for saying this, but I really loathe Jane Austen), just to have an excuse for a girls’ evening. I don’t even have the energy to ask the other ladies to change the movie selection for my sake. I just need a night out.

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  1. In college, I started the “I Hate Jane Austen Club.” Seriously. That’s how much I hate her. And the entire Bronte family, for that matter. UGH. Blech, blech, blech.

    I’m currently in PA visiting my family, and I had to flat out say no to my mom, who begged me to go see P&P with her. I just can’t handle it.

    Word, sister.

  2. Ok, that made ma laugh about the Brontes, because that was a conversation that Dave and I once had about “Wuthering Heights”. (Incidentally, the song by Kate Bush? Fabulous. The book? Blaaaaaaah.) My exact words, which Dave still quotes back to me to this day, were, “Emily Bronte can suck my ass.” I don’t usually say things quite that graphic, so I have no idea where it came from. Something about that jackass Heathcliff and whiny mealy-faced Cathy must’ve inspired it.

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone on the Jane Austen thing. Keira Knightley is cute, and that’s about the only redeeming feature that I can see about this movie so far.

  3. Bend It Like Beckham was one of my favorite movies of the last few years, mostly because of Kiera Knightley.

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