have you missed these fascinating little job updates?

First off, if any of you play CD’s or DVD’s on your computers, you better make sure that they aren’t produced by Sony. This article is pretty scary. Not surprising, really, but it makes me suddenly grateful that the only CD’s I’ve bought over the past year have been through iTunes.

New topic: I had a very strange phone interview last week. It’s basically almost the exact same job that I interviewed for a couple of months ago, but in a different department. The fact that this job is a different team at the same company is a good thing, because it means that there’s little to no risk that I’ll end up sitting in any meetings with Dave’s ex-wife. Not that that really intimidated me about the last job – I mean, hello, I consider myself to be the big winner of that situation – but it could’ve been awkward. Anyway, this new job is totally unrelated to her little group, so yay. The HR recruiter lady called me, and I had been told that the interview was going to be about 45-50 minutes long, but it was only maybe 10 minutes at the most. She told me that she talked to the recruiter for the other job that I interviewed for, and asked me if there was anything I would’ve done differently in that interview process. I said yes, that I felt like I did pretty well through the first few interviews, but I hadn’t been prepared for how long a day it was going to be, and that by the last couple of interviews, I felt like I was just saying “I don’t know” to a lot of the questions because I was brain-dead. She confirmed that I had done well at the beginning of the day, and that most of the people I interviewed with had recommended that they hire me, but that I “sort of fell apart in the last two interviews.” I was actually grateful to hear that, because that was what I suspected all along, and it’s the most feedback that I’ve gotten yet. And considering that one of those last two interviews that I blew was with the woman who would’ve been my boss, it makes sense that I didn’t get the job. Anyway, she said for me to send her some of my writing samples, and I guess that means that I’m going to get another one of those hellish all-day in-person interviews. I’ll find out soon enough one way or the other. But I suppose I can deal with another Hell Day, since now I know where I went wrong last time. And because this is another full-time job with benefits, which would be absolutely lovely.

2 thoughts on “have you missed these fascinating little job updates?

  1. Fingers crossed for you. Better take lots of long walks to get ready for another greuling all-day-interview marathon! 🙂

    How interesting that you got that feedback. It’s rare that anyone gets to find out what really went wrong in an interview, and in your case, they clearly called because they found you worth pursuing.

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