Cat Portraits

I was bored today, so I thought I would amuse myself by taking pictures of our cats. And now I’m playing with this new WordPress plug-in that lets me put little thumbnails of photos in my posts. (Well, it’s not a new plug-in, it’s just new to me.) So now, for your viewing pleasure… (click any of the images to see them larger.)

This is Teenie, hanging out in my office. She gets in my chair every time I get out of it, which is sort of annoying, but in a totally adorable way.
Teenie in my office
Here’s Cleo, posing like a true supermodel on the bathmat. She’s my favorite of Dave’s cats because she’s so mellow and sweet. I really love her coloring too, I’ve never seen a cat that looks quite like her. Note those crazy paws with the thumbs. I’m telling you, someday she’s going to learn how to use those suckers and then we’re all in trouble.
Cleo the bathmat supermodel
Also, you saw how cute and happy Teenie looked up there? This is what she looks like when Cleo comes into the office. See how flat her ears get when she’s mad? I tried to catch her in mid-hiss, but I totally missed it.
Just missed the hiss photo
This is Beaumont on our deck. I realized later that he had some crusty stuff on his eye and on his leg, and I thought about editing it out of the photo, but I think this is a pretty true representation of what he actually looks like most of the time. From afar, he looks like a lovely and elegant long-haired black cat, but in reality he is a total doof.
Beaumont the Big, Brave Mauler of Mice
We have this little orange cat that sometimes comes inside to get food when we leave the door open. I’m pretty sure he’s a stray because he used to run every time I made eye contact with him, but he’s getting used to me. I was still a good ten feet away when I took this picture, I just sat on the kitchen floor and used the zoom lens to get the up-close shot of him. (He’ll hang out in the doorway as long as I don’t get too close, but he’ll wait to come inside until I’m safely out of view.) I realized just how horrendously filthy our slider door is when I saw this photo. It’s sort of mortifying, I can’t believe I’m showing it to the whole Internet. Ignore the dirt, look at the cute kitty!
Skittish orange cat who uses us for our Iams
Out in the yard, I caught Greta in the middle of her bath. This picture makes me laugh every time I see it.
Greta in some kind of weird yawn/lip-licking motion
This is more like what she normally looks like. Not exactly pleased, is she? I think she’s a little annoyed with me for that last photo. But she’s still sitting in her mid-bath pose, which is darn funny to me.
Greta is PISSED, y'all
And of course, I have to end this post on a cute little “awwww” note. So here’s Beaumont and Greta doing a little kissy-face action. So sweet.
Beaumont and Greta, kissy-kiss!
Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Cat Portraits

  1. AAAAAWWWWW so cute. That is a HI-larious picture of Greta mid-bath. She's got a lot of real-estate to bathe, huh?

    Super funny!

  2. I know, Greta looks huge, but I swear that is ALL fur. I didn't realize it until the first time I pet her (which was several months after Dave & I started dating, because she's slow to warm up to new people), but she actually has a tiny little frame, and she weighs almost nothing. Very incongruous with how she looks.

    And oddly – we have 2 short-haired cats and 2 long-haired ones, and it's only the short-haired ones who get hairballs. Can someone please explain that to me?

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