ow, my brain

I survived, although it was a bit of a soul-destroying day (to use Dave’s words). Originally I was supposed to interview with four different people. That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? Yeah, well, I actually interviewed with seven people. That’s right, seven. I was there from 10:00 this morning until 6:30 this evening, and I swear to Jesus Christ Almighty that by the time I left, if one more person had asked me to talk about my background and work experience and why I want to work at [insert company name] one more time, I was going to find the nearest tall building and throw my dry-mouthed, exhausted ass off of it. And the thing is, it sort of felt ok while I was doing it, but then afterward I started thinking of all the things I wished I had said differently, and the answers I gave that might’ve been wrong, and the fact that maybe I’m not qualified for this job (or any job, for that matter – maybe I should just give up and go back to being a receptionist like I did right after college), and yadda yadda, the whole cycle of self-doubt and all that jazz. See “soul-destroying” reference above. Hence my current splitting headache.

So ok, as for the reason why my original 4-person interview turned into a 7-person interview, I figure it means one of two things: either they really liked me and they wanted me to meet as many people on the team as possible. Or, they weren’t sure about me and they wanted more people’s opinions. I sincerely hope it was the former, but I honestly don’t know. In any case, I should know something one way or the other soon. I’m hoping to hear back tomorrow so I don’t have to wait out the weekend, but I think that’s probably overly optimistic. And regardless, this weekend should be preoccupied with birthday-related activities for Dave (which we shall not discuss here, because he reads this, and dammit, he is going to be at least partially surprised), so that should help the time pass a bit faster.

And a special shout-out to Lauren and Angie, because I totally used your questions. I used Angie’s question about “what do you love about your job?” when I was being interviewed by two people on the team who would be peers with me. And I used Lauren’s question about “how would you define success in this role?” with the woman who would be my boss (if I get the job). And Lauren, your track record remains unbroken, because she did indeed say, “Wow, that’s a great question.” I almost laughed out loud.

P.S. About that prior post – I’m not mocking Wiccans by any stretch of the imagination. I have a very dear girlfriend who I absolutely adore who is a Wiccan. She has baby-sat my drunk ass on more than one occasion, and she gave me really great trashy underwear at my bridal shower. So yeah, it’s beyond my own little basic Judeo-Christian grasp, but hey, if it works for some people, that’s cool too.

3 thoughts on “ow, my brain

  1. If it helps, when we interview someone, if we’re not sure they’re a very good fit, we don’t have more people come interview. On the other hand, if it look like it’s someone we’d want to make the offer to, we have as many people as possible in on the interviews. It’s a much bigger investment to make the offer than not to.

    My fingers and toes are all crossed up and I can barely walk because of it! Goooooood Job Kaaaarrrrrmmmmaaaa!!!

  2. Whew! I’m relieved that my track record is still going strong! 🙂

    I’d say it’s a very good sign that they brought in a whole crew to interview you. At my office, we only do that if someone is a very strong candidate — otherwise, why waste everyone’s time? Yay, you!

  3. Okay, we’re not jinxing things here, but NO ONE gets the full horse-and-pony show interview extravanganza at my job unless they’re on the short list. Just sayin.’

    I’m often the one who gets asked to take the interviewee out for dinner at the end of all of it. I feel so bad for them because they’re usually beyond brain dead. I tell them it’s really, truly okay to order alcohol, and yes, the company pays for it, and no, I am no way even remotely responsible for assessing your competency or hire-ability. Or something.

    But I’m glad the power question helped. It’s some testimate to your frayed mental status that you would even remotely think you would need to apologize about the Wiccan thing. 🙂 Born again pagans have ehhh-xcellent senses of humor.

    Now don that trashy Wiccan-given lingerie and give Dave a happy birthday. (By wearing it on your head! Because his mom reads this! it should be worn on the head in a silly way! While fully clothed!)

    Er… okay.

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