cooking meat in the backyard

We bought a grill on Saturday. Or rather, Dave bought a grill while I was at home frantically cleaning the house in preparation for that evening’s cookout. It was fun, too. Although we perhaps bought a tad too much food for only 5 people (burgers, hot dogs and chicken – both white and dark meat), and we’re still working through the leftovers two days later. But hey, it’s a grill! On our pretty deck! And now we can have people over for cookouts whenever we want! And I don’t have to do any work because grilling is considered a “manly” thing! Yay!

It’s also been really hot here lately. It’s nothing by my home state’s standards; I realize that it’s in the mid-90’s in Mississippi right now, and they consider that to be cool for this time of year. In fact, I was talking to Kris the other day and when I complained about the heat, she informed that the heat index in Memphis was around 110 degrees, so I should just shut the hell up. But the primary difference is that everywhere in the south is air-conditioned, and no homes here have central A/C, so when it gets over 80 degrees, it starts to get really uncomfortable. Lately, Dave and I have been camping out in our bedroom with the White Trash Window Unit A/C most of the time that we’re home. I found out recently that our house has all of the ductwork and vents for central air, we’d just need to buy the compressor, which is not as insanely expensive as I originally thought. It’ll probably be next year before we can afford it, but still, we are SO going to be getting set up with that before next summer. I don’t like being restricted to one room in our house, and I’m tired of my sinuses freaking out because when we have all of the windows open, it aggravates my allergies. So, central air? Heck yeah. Bring it on.

5 thoughts on “cooking meat in the backyard

  1. Yay! Grill! Grilled Veggies! PAM makes a spray for high-heat grilling. Spritz your sliced up veggies and sprinkle them with Tony Cachere's and it's grill-time. Mmmmmm.

    I didn't know houses came without air-conditioning. What a concept. I guess cars can be purchased that way, too? Those wacky Northerners!

  2. I haven't ever seen a car that doesn't have A/C as a standard feature, but I imagine that it's possible. And yeah, it was a shock to me too, to find out that most houses around here don't have it. I mean, honestly, you probably only need it for a few weeks out of the year, but still.

  3. It's no suprise to discover that almost all cars in the UK don't have air con. and when a car does – it's an optional extra! Aand, no house has it, at all.

  4. I actually knew that the UK houses didn't have A/C from Dave – and I guess it's fine because the UK has a generally moderate climate (sort of like here), but I can imagine that not having A/C in the car can be pretty awful during the summer. But it makes sense, since A/C uses up a lot of fuel and you guys pay a fortune for gasoline over there.

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