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Almost a week and no new post. What can I tell you, life is good but there’s not a whole lot going on right now. And the couple of (minor) bad things aren’t really things that I want to talk about here. So, here’s a rundown of some recent happy stuff:

I’ve exercised 3 out of the past 4 days. Sunday, I went for a bike ride. Monday, I ran several errands after work (AND cooked dinner, thank you) so I took the night off. Tuesday, I went for a walk. And last night, I rode my bike again. Considering that I haven’t worked out very much over the past few months, it’s not really all that surprising that I’m now sore as hell. I almost had to get Dave to carry me up the stairs last night when I went to bed. Ouch.

Also, we bought bedroom furniture over the weekend, and it’s getting delivered today. For those of you who have not been privy to see the inside of our bedroom, allow me to give you a quick rundown of its current furnishings:
1) A bed – which I helped Dave pick out last year long before I moved in, so it’s a really nice, super-comfy bed.
2) A TV, which is not on a table, oh no, but a TV tray. The cable box, DVD player, etc., are all on the floor. We are so classy.

So after the furniture guys arrive today, in our bedroom we shall add to our collection:
3) An armoire in which to hide the TV and all of its accoutrements.
4) A bureau – no more keeping my underwear in a box in the closet! Hooray!
5) Two nightstands
6) A trunk to put at the foot of the bed, which will serve as storage, as well as a nice jumping point to help my arthritic little Teenie get on and off the bed.

So I’m very happy about that, and I’m already planning my weekend around setting up all the new furniture. In other big-shopping news, Dave got a new pc, so I’m going to set up his old one for my parents. Their current computer is about 6 years old, so I’m finally (FINALLY!) going to get them off of Windows 98. My motivation for wanting to upgrade them is perhaps a bit more selfish than you might think. The main reason why I’m so eager to get them a new computer is because Windows XP has that nifty Remote Assistance feature, which should make all future tech support calls from my parents much less of a headache. Hoo-freakin’-ray!

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