There will be no male strippers, thank you

The week thus far:
* My car wouldn’t start yesterday morning. I’ve had it for nearly 4 years, and it has never, ever not started before. Dave finally managed to get it running, but it was making some weird rattling noise, unlike anything it has ever done. I wigged out. We took it to the dealership, and I’m waiting to find out how much this is going to cost to fix. My poor car. My poor little car that always runs perfectly, so I never take it in for tune-ups. I’m such an irresponsible car-owner. Cry!

* I can’t stop sniffling. I think I stirred up too much dust when I was trying to clean 2 nights ago. I took a decongestant, so now I’m sniffling slightly less, and I feel full-on stoned instead. I’m not sure which option is better, honestly.

* I forgot to mention last week that I sliced through the fingernail of my left index finger when I was chopping up turkey bacon to put in my omelet. It still hurts, and I’m basically waiting for the top half of my fingernail to fall off. Fun! It’s so gross, I wear a band-aid on it so no one (particularly me) has to see it. I have a feeling that I’m going to need one single acrylic fingernail for my wedding, and this pisses me off immensely.

* We had our cake-tasting last night. Hoo lordy, that was fun. Bring on the cake samples! Whee!

* The deck-building (courtesy of future brother-in-law Steve) is in full swing, and I have resigned myself to the fact that there is going to be dirt, as well as little muddy cat paw prints, all over the downstairs of our house. Every time I see the dirt, I give a little sigh of resignation instead of reaching for the broom, and every time, I die a tiny death. It’s killing me to leave the dirt there, but there’s no point in trying to clean it yet, when I know full well that more dirt is right behind it. In a couple of weeks, the deck will be built, so humans and felines alike will have a place to wipe their grubby little footsies before they enter our abode. Whee again!

* Tomorrow, I’m flying to Memphis for my bridal shower/bachelorette party. My girlfriends from college are throwing it for me, it should be a lot of fun. And since I couldn’t decide on a gift registry until recently (we just combined 2 households, we have too many dishes as it is, do I really have to go pick out a china pattern??), they’re making it a lingerie-themed shower. Translation: I’m going to Memphis congested & grumpy (see above), and I’ll come back hung over with a suitcase full of trashy underpants. Whee times three!!

Hope everyone has a happy Easter.

5 thoughts on “There will be no male strippers, thank you

  1. I dont wish to brag, but I am proud owner of some of the worlds trashiest underpants.I have ones with days of the week written on them, and I like to wear them OUT of ORDER . Why? Because I can!

  2. Sorry to call you out, babe, but as the one who does your laundry most of the time, I can say for almost certain that you do not, in fact, own any day-of-the-week underpants. Besides, you know they don't make the ones with "Sunday" on them. Because of God.

  3. A what!? A lingerie-themed shower? Interesting. When are you posting those pictures?!

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