Dodgeball, Vegas-style

With all the excitement about cohabitating, I forgot to mention that this weekend is my company’s semi-annual meeting. Which, same as last year, is in Las Vegas. But this will be cooler than last time, because (a) last time I had only been with the company for 3 weeks and I didn’t know anyone there; and (b) Dave is coming with me. So we’ll fly down on Thursday evening, we have our meeting all day Friday (somehow I think I might come down with a suspicious headache before it’s all over and have to retire to my room), and then we have some kind of company “fun” activity that night. Last time it was bowling. Whee. Luckily, attendance isn’t required for that last part. We’re opting to spend Saturday night there too, because there’s nothing like taking a 3-day weekend vacation when you’re in the middle of trying to move. (Actually, that decision was made before the move thing started.)

Also, one of the HR ladies sent out this meeting’s agenda, and as you may recall, last time all the new hires (which included me) had to put on some type of poem/skit thing, which was completely horrible and humiliating. Seriously, I still wince when I think about it. This year, all of the new hires have to play dodgeball. WTF?? Why couldn’t I be in THAT group? Not that I’m a fan of dodgeball at all, but somehow it just doesn’t seem quite as embarassing as the skit that we had to do. Whatever.

Back to normal life: the apartment drama continues. It turns out that it’s actually more expensive to break my lease than to just pay rent every month until it expires (which will be in April). And if I don’t break my lease, I have at least a slight chance of getting my deposit back. Plus, this way I can pay it per month, rather than trying to come up with some exorbitant penalty fee up front. So I think that’s what I’m going to do, even though I’m still moving to Dave’s. It’s cool because it means that I can take my sweet time moving my stuff out. Which is good, because before I can move my stuff out, we have to make room for my stuff at the house.

TV stuff: Does anyone still watch “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”? Last night I caught the re-run of last week’s episode, where they fixed the guy up for his wedding before he was deployed to Iraq. I cried for pretty much the whole hour. If you get a chance to watch it, please do so. It was great.

6 thoughts on “Dodgeball, Vegas-style

  1. hi. Yeah, I saw that episode last week. I cried, too!Sucks about your lease, though. I gave my roommate 2 months notice, just so I wouldn't leave her screwed, and it was nice to be able to move things gradually…. Good luck!

  2. Oh yeah, that was a great QE episode. Did you see Runway last night? Oh my god, Jay couldn't possibly get any funnier!!!

  3. Project Runway was great. Did you see Austin's bouffant hairdo at the runway show?? Oh my god, Dave and I laughed at him every time he came on the screen. And I always thought Jay was great, in spite of his predilection for gigantic Elton-John-circa-1973 sunglasses. On the subject of the models: Austin's little 16 year-old model (Melissa?) is a total slut. And I think Morgan (the one who wore Kevin's outfit out and tore it) is quite possibly bipolar.

  4. Hi Cindy, so excited hearing that you are moving in with Dave. He'll have to toe the line now!!I am sure you will both be very happy.Sorry I didn't know it was your BirthdayA VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY XLooking forward to seeing you both in June

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