birthdays, etc.

So today marks the birthday of two very important people:
1. My very first real-life crush as well as my first kiss when I was 4, gclark. He was the boy next door, our families went on vacation together when we were kids. I was heartbroken when his family moved to Arkansas. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet, and he’s still just about the damn cutest thing you ever did see. (Excluding Dave, of course.)
2. Alphagal’s hubby, SNG. (Someday I’m going to find out what that nickname stands for.) Another great, funny guy who I’m happy to be related to, even if it is only through marriage.

So happy birthday, you little Sagittarians, you.

Other stuff: yesterday I treated myself to a massage, because my shoulders have been locked up since the whole Thanksgiving shindig. I thought it might be a good idea to unwind before I go deal with another round of family togetherness. It was amazing, definitely a worthwhile expense. The girl used so much oil on me that when I was walking the block from the massage place back to my apartment, I thought I was going to slide out of my shoes and fall on my ass. Mental note: next time, wear socks for traction.

Not much else going on. I’m trying to wrap up work stuff so I can leave on Thursday for vacation. Christmas shopping is done. Now I just need to get my laundry done so I can start packing. Whee!

5 thoughts on “birthdays, etc.

  1. Okay, hi, so I feel weird starting a conversation here in your comments, so let me first say I hope you had a wonderful holiday and fun plans for New Year's. But seeing as you're the only other Project Runway fans I know of, I am just going to put this out there…WHAT is UP with the previews for the new episode on the 5th???? What? Why do you think they're all crying like that? Poor Austin! He is weeping like he lost his nightstockings!I never get why people on reality shows are surprised when there's an evil twist to it. What do you think it is?

  2. I LOVE it when Austin cries like that. I think at the beginning of the preview it says "this season on Project Runway"–so it's just a mishmash of what all's going to happen the rest of the time. I guess they had to entice us so we wouldn't forget about PR over the holidays.Which of course is silly, since I watch the reruns like they are new. Jackson, MS is getting quite the Project Runway following.

  3. Sorry for the lack of blogging, everyone. I've been all over the southeast for the holidays (and I do mean that – we've hit 4 states in 10 days). Tomorrow, Dave & I (plus Teenie) are flying back to Seattle, and the full Holiday Madness Recap will be soon to follow. Until then, happy new year!

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