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I don’t know if any of you are as obsessed with celebrity mocking as I am, but if you’re anywhere close, you need to go see Go Fug Yourself – yet another thing for which I must give props to Sally at Catoptric. It’s all photos of celebrities and some of the most genius fashion commentary I have ever read. Great posts you should see include Ashlee Simpson, Juliette Lewis, and my favorite, Britney Spears (actually, there’s lots of Britney-mocking on that site, but that one remains my favorite). I’ve recently seen the girls who created this website as commentators on some “awesomely bad fashion” show on VH-1. Go figure.

The other is Manolo’s Shoe Blog. It is hilarious, and my favorite picture there so far is this one of Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson. I guess Pam doesn’t care so much about her panties being visible in public, since most of the world has already seen her naked. Panties seem downright modest by her standards. Oh yeah, Pammy is also wearing leg warmers on her arms. Riiiiight.

Prepare to have a couple of hours sucked out of your day with those. I’ve added them to my “Fun Links” section for future reference.

7 thoughts on “fun links

  1. Manolo's shoe blog recently topped my list of Favorite Sites While Bored At Work. "The fashion mania for the ponchos, it is now over." Amen, honey. AMEN.

  2. Those must be the most mellow cats in the world. There is no way Teenie would sit still long enough for me to put her into one of those costumes, nevermind take her picture in them!

  3. Clearly, the subject of the photo is offended. In fact, the cat's expression seems to declare "Accost me at your own risk, Mall Boy. If you delay me in my quest for a Pretzel Dog, you may be harmed irreparably." But I think it takes more than that for the picture to be considered offensive.

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