gym gripes, etc.

Monday, when I went to the noon yoga class, it had been cancelled because the instructor had some sort of family emergency. I found out later that her grandmother was sick and she had to leave for Oregon suddenly, and didn’t have time to find a replacement. Sure, it’s annoying since I drove all the way there before I found out, but I think that’s an acceptable excuse to cancel a class. Besides, there was another yoga class at 5:30 that evening, so I went to that and it was fine. Then last night, I was all psyched for Cardio Funk, everyone was in the room ready to go promptly at 8:00… only there was no instructor. Some of the class regulars said that the teacher was on a 2-week vacation, but there was supposed to be a fill-in instructor. Nope. I guess the gym management never got off their (perfectly toned) ass and found someone else to teach it, so class was cancelled. Again. Is it totally unreasonable for me to be pissed about this? It’s such a pain to get myself motivated to go to the gym, get dressed, drive there, park in the horribly constructed parking garage (why make rows & rows of “compact” parking spaces when you know that the vast majority of the people in this area drive huge-ass SUV’s and take up 1 1/2 spaces? Seriously, why?), and then it’s all for nothing. Grrr. Since I was already there, I jogged on the treadmill for a while, and even though I had my brace on, my knee hurts today, so it looks like I’m going to have to take a day off from working out. Which is fine, I need to clean my apartment, and that’s reasonably good exercise.

In other news:
* I found this link on Fred’s site that predicts the results of the election based on current polls. It changes daily, so I can’t stop looking at it. A few days ago, it had Bush in the lead. Right now, it has Kerry as the predicted winner. It’s making me nuts.

* Has anyone seen the movie “Signs”? It happened to be on TV this morning while I was eating breakfast so I watched the second half of it. I didn’t even see the first hour, and still I screamed out loud twice. I wasn’t expecting it to freak me out quite so much, but I’m glad I watched it in the morning rather than at night. Yeesh.

* Dave finally updated his blog! Hooray! He almost made it a whole month.

* My brother got the job that he interviewed for, which is great news, because he’s been completely miserable at his current job for a long time now. He’s going to be working for Dillard’s department store, although I’m not exactly sure what his job title is. Something to do with men’s clothing, I believe, but he’s planning on eventually working into more of a store manager role. So yay for Chris! However, this does mean that he won’t be able to come to Seattle for Thanksgiving, since he’ll be working in retail, and the Friday after is the biggest shopping day of the year. But that’s ok, we’ll see him at Christmas.