I’m finding it difficult to leave my apartment. Yesterday, I never got dressed or went outside at all. I didn’t even go downstairs to get my mail. I have a theory that this has something to do with the fact that I’ve been gone so long, so now I’m cocooning myself inside my apartment because I’m afraid that if I leave, I’ll be gone for a week again.

Today, however, I hit critical mass. Translation: I ran out of diet coke. So, pajamas were traded for actual clothes, make-up was applied (albeit half-assedly – it’s just the southern girl in me that won’t let me leave the house without powder & mascara), and I headed out for the supermarket. Over $150 later, I was back in the car, loaded down with groceries, and headed for home. Did I overdo it at the store? Perhaps. But woman cannot live by Lean Cuisine alone, and pretty much everything else in my apartment has gone bad/gotten thrown away over the past couple of months. So I got a little excited at the prospect of buying REAL food. At one point, I was walking through one of the aisles and this large, elderly, African-American woman pushed her cart past mine, surveyed my cart’s contents, and said, “You must have a family.”

I said, “No, actually, I’ve just been out of town for the past couple of months and there’s no food in my apartment, so I have to re-stock everything.”

She said, “Well, you’re doing a damn fine job, girl. A damn fine job.”

Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about that statement, it made me feel a bit like I should be attending my local Overeaters Anonymous chapter.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about the produce section before. I guess living on fast food and whatever you can scrounge up at 7-11 will do that. I was practically crying with joy. Carrot sticks!! How long has it been since I’ve had a carrot stick?? Broccoli and mushrooms too, I can make stir-fry! And seedless green grapes are on sale! Hooray!!!

So yeah, today was good. And I’ve been productive at home too, I’m studying for my next Microsoft exam, which I’m hoping to be ready to take by Friday. (Fingers crossed.) For now, though, I have to leave my apartment yet again – to go to Krissy’s house to fix her computer, because apparently I am free tech support for all of my friends and family. Sigh.

One thought on “cocooning

  1. Cindy,This will probably come across as odd, but I found your note by looking for stuff on cocooning and I am planning to show a couple of colleagues what you did as part of our studies on how to get the best food products on shelf to those moments when you just want to shut the world out.Anyway, this is cheeky but I would love to know what the utlimate food is for you when for the first time in ages your home, your alone and the phone is not ringing.In return, all I can offer is loads of information about cocooning including how to rearrange your home to make it better for cocooning.Not much I know but I thought If I don't ask I'll never know?David.

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