I am sad

Dave the Brit is sick, so our date has been postponed. We’re probably going to go out either tomorrow or Sunday (depending on if he’s feeling better), so it’s not like it’s been postponed indefinitely, but for some reason I am irrationally bummed about this. I played the good sport when I talked about it with him, but… damn. I was just looking forward to it so much. It can’t possibly a good sign that I’m so disappointed at the thought of waiting another 24 hours until I see him again. This just has me getting hurt written all over it.

Anyway, I was trying to think of something to do tonight to distract myself from thinking about the Date That Is Not Going To Happen. I was cleaning out my wallet & I found a Best Buy gift card. I have no idea how much is left on it, but I think I may go buy a cheap DVD player tonight. The Blockbuster in my neighborhood is phasing out VHS, so I’ve come to the conclusion that I really have to get a DVD player. So maybe I’ll do that, rent a movie or two, and order a pizza. That could be nice. And a bubble bath. That’s mandatory.