Apparently I didn’t scare the boy off, he called tonight. Typical 3-day rule, I should’ve paid closer attention to the calendar before I wrote him off. Anyway, my mom beeped in while we were talking, so I got off the phone with him & told him I’d call him back. Only I didn’t call him back. I feel slightly shitty about this (and I’m waiting for a disapproving comment from Carl), but what can you do?

Oh, and I think I found my tattoo artist. I got a recommendation from a source that I trust, I’ve seen part of his portfolio on his website (most of the site is still under construction), and the guy does some really beautiful work from what I’ve seen. So I’m going to call him & make an appointment to look at the rest of his portfolio, talk about what I want, get some input for ideas of the background of the design, etc. I’m sooooo excited, I don’t know how I’m going to wait until August to do this.