I started a low-carb diet thing this morning — not specifically Atkins, because that seems to mess me up (weird muscle pains, etc.). I’m basically just getting rid of refined sugar & calling it good. I’m still going to allow myself to have fruit & whole grains, though, so I suppose it’s more like the SugarBusters diet. Anyway, I had a hard-boiled egg for breakfast (quick & easy), and it had this really weird aftertaste, but it smelled fine. (Well, it smelled like an egg is supposed to smell.) I think it was right on the border of going bad, though, because my stomach has been wonky all day today.

In other bummer news, one of my sister’s cats is very sick, and the prognosis at this point is unclear. But Neffertiti (yes, that’s really her cat’s name — the boy cat’s name is Ramses) has a lump on her leg that could possibly be cancer, plus she stopped eating, she has a fever, and she’s lost 2 pounds since December (which is a lot for a 12 pound cat). So we’re all very concerned about her. I need to get all of the animal lovers who read this to throw some good kitty health vibes toward Manhattan.

Oh, and I think I accidentally made Tony go away. He had been calling me daily, and then on Friday he said something about wanting to see me after I had already told him I had plans. Scott & I were supposed to go out on Friday, and he wanted to meet up with me afterward, even though I had told him it probably wouldn’t be until after midnight. I guess I was irritated by his persistence, and I made some kind of offhand remark like “hey, don’t go getting all boyfriend-y on me now.” I said it jokingly, but he hasn’t called me since then, so I think he got the hint. Which is fine. I mean, he’s a nice guy, but that one had “DOOM” written all over it from the beginning.