sleepy but happy

I had the most awesome weekend ever, and I’m completely exhausted, so this recap is going to be short. First, I had really great Mexican food with Nate on Friday night, then chilled for the rest of the evening. Saturday, I did NOTHING all damn day (ahhh, bliss), then went dancing with Krissy on Saturday night. That was cool too — Krissy ditched me, which is her usual habit when we’re in bars/clubs together, and then I find her a couple of hours later, 3 sheets to the wind and kissing some strange man. That part was pretty much par for the course, but instead of getting pissy when she ditched me, I just flirted with all kinds of different boys & had the best time chatting with people. I also danced more than I have danced in probably at least two years. Of course, I didn’t get in bed until 6 a.m. (ouch), and my knee is swollen and hurting because of all the bouncing around in high heels that I did (double ouch), but I had a great time.

And then, the absolute pinnacle of my weekend: Sunday night at The Moore with Henry Rollins. Sigh. God, how I love that man. The surprise was that Henry chose Seattle as the city where he wants to film his DVD for this tour, which we didn’t know until we got inside & saw all the cameras. And thanks to the amazing rock star seats that Scott got us (6th row center, thank you very much), it’s entirely possible that we’re going to be on this DVD when it comes out because they were filming lots of “crowd reaction” type shots. I’m buying it regardless, just because I WAS THERE, DAMMIT!! I mean, how cool is that??

Anyway, I have a date tomorrow. This is the same guy from last week who is perfectly nice but I’m not sure I’m compatible with him. He doesn’t seem to have very much in the way of life experience, and he seems a bit obsessed with his car (which is a Miata, btw), so I’m not at all sure that we mesh very well. But he seems ok and he’s easy to talk to, and I’m trying really hard to be open-minded. So we’ll see. Wish me luck.