mega millions, indeed

Lotto update: I invested $3 in lottery tickets, and I won $4. After the 37-cent stamp to mail in the ticket, that brings my winnings to a grand total of 63 cents. Yeah baby!! Now I can retire!

I spent all yesterday afternoon cleaning my apartment from top to bottom, and then afterward, I really wanted to go out and do something because it felt pathetic to stay home on both Friday & Saturday nights. Unfortunately, Scott had plans, Nate is out of town, and Krissy wasn’t answering her phone. Hmm. Then I remembered Chris G., who I almost never see these days because he’s so swamped with work. So I called him at 6:30-ish on Saturday evening, and he was at the office (see what I mean?). I talked him into leaving work to go out with me, which didn’t really take a whole lot of coercion on my part. So we had dinner and then went to see “Mystic River”. I thought it was awesome. Sean Penn reminds me more & more of DeNiro as he ages, and he was incredible. Tim Robbins was great, too. That movie haunted me, I’ve been unable to get it out of my head all last night and all day today. I think that’s one way to measure a great film. Now I’m definitely rooting for Sean Penn to win Best Actor tonight.