gimme carbs

It’s official, Atkins is over. I lost about 7-8 pounds, so I’m happy, but good lord it messed me up. Here’s the story: on Wednesday, I noticed that my legs were really sore like I had over-exercised them. Weird thing is, I hadn’t been working out at all. It got worse on Thursday. Then today, not only were my legs sore, but my right knee (which I sprained 3 years ago) was hurting, and I had this weird nerve in my right shoulder that was aching & shooting pain all down the right side of my torso. I called my mom & described it to her (she’s sort of the unofficial family doctor — if you have a symptom, she can probably give you a reasonable diagnosis), and she told me to go home & eat some carbs & see what happened.

I got home, and I had a piece of toast and some canned pineapple. Then I took a nice, long nap. When I woke up, my legs weren’t sore anymore, and my shoulder wasn’t doing the shooting-pain thing. My knee is still kind of messed up, but I was doing some strange twisting around (crawling on the floor in a tight space & whatnot) when I was re-organizing the network cables for a client of ours this week, so I guess that could be related.

Oh well, I did learn a few valuable things out of this — for one, the Atkins brand Banana Nut Harvest cereal is freakin’ awesome, and the s’more protein bar is pretty good too. So maybe I’ll just try to implement those types of sweets to replace some of the crap I was eating. But I don’t think I’ll be going hard-core low-carb again anytime soon.

Maybe I’ll try Sugarbusters next — at least you can still have fruit & whole grains with that.