Weekend recap

Friday night: Had dinner at Scott’s with his friends Ted and Jen, then we (minus Jen) went to Kell’s in Post Alley for a little traditional Irish folk music, booze & dancing. Well, not much dancing because I’m still a coward about that stuff, but Scott got me up there a few times. I don’t really know how I looked, because all I know is that I was spinning around an awful lot, but I think I’m getting better. A lot of fun. Ted seems like a cool guy.

Saturday: Scott & I went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Paramount. First time seeing one of the big Broadway musical productions, and I have to say I was pretty impressed. That type of music doesn’t really do much for me on its own, but seeing it acted out is totally different. Interesting how people dress for the theatre here in Seattle too. We saw people in everything from jeans & t-shirts to ladies in evening wear with their up-hairdo’s. Which I think is a bit much for a show that starts at 2:00 in the afternoon, but hey, what do I know. I think we were somewhere in the middle, wardrobe wise.

That night, we were both pretty drained after Phantom, so we got Greek take-out food for dinner, and hit the grocery store for a bottle of cheap champagne and the necessary ingredients for chocolate-covered strawberries. Ahh, decadence. We chilled out & watched “Sex & The City” reruns all night. Scott has now seen most of season 3 & the beginning of season 4 – I’ll get him up to speed on all of them eventually. So that was awesome.

Today we hit Shari’s for brunch – more greasy food to follow-up last night’s greasy Greek food. Yum.

Now it’s almost 5:00, time for the Sopranos’ rerun and then the season finale of Sex & the City. Perfect way to cap off the day.