censorship & ladies undergarments

Originally posted: September 8, 2003

Ok, pretty much everyone I know & respect hates Limp Bizkit, and I know that I should hate them, but I don’t. I agree that Fred Durst is a mysoginistic egomaniac, and the lyrics are vapid, but damned if they don’t make the best music in the world to listen to at the gym. It also helps with getting rid of road rage. (Blast it really loud, sing along and yell the f-word about 40 times in less than 3 minutes, and feel pretty darn serene afterward.) I guess you could say they’re kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.

So LB has this new single out, called “Eat You Alive”. Probably not the best song I’ve ever heard by them, but I’m reserving judgment until the album comes out. I saw the video for it this morning, which is interesting because it has Thora Birch (from American Beauty) and Bill Paxton in it. The one really notable thing about the song is that there’s a line in it where he says something like “no doubt I’d love to sniff on them panties”. Now, if you ask me, this is a pretty disgusting & offensive song lyric. Not that I really blame Fred Durst for writing it – I think that if a guy dates Playboy Playmates for too long, he’ll start to think that type of thing is sexy, and it’s really just so not. (I hope all of my male friends are taking notes on this. Write it down, guys: panty sniffing = icky.)

Anyway, I guess the folks at MTV also found this particular song lyric disgusting & offensive, so their solution? They bleeped the word panties!! Ok, I agree that it’s a gross line, but since when is “panties” considered obscene?!?!!

I’m just trying to imagine how this kind of blind censorship could affect those Victoria’s Secret commercials. “All (beep) are on sale for only $2.99 until September 30th…” No one would understand what they sell, so people would stop shopping there, and they’d go out of business. Which I suppose is no big loss, but then where would all the rude salesgirls work? They might filter out and find employment among the rest of us, and that would be tragic. I personally sleep better at night knowing that they’re all in one place.

I guess the moral of the story is that MTV has no problem showing women in their panties (or less, in certain videos), but saying the word out loud is a big no-no.

Go fig.