do a little dance…

Originally posted: September 7, 2003

Things I learned last night:

1) A vodka sour with either Orange Stoli or Absolut Mandarin is one of the greatest drinks ever created.

2) I’m a much better dancer after a couple of cocktails. Or at least I feel like I am. I guess that’s the beauty of drinking the hooch – you might still suck, but you don’t really care anymore. (Scott, meanwhile, is a very good dancer, who I’m sure has very bruised toes today.)

3) I really thought I hated jazz, but it turns out that I kind of like it when I’m in a dark swanky club with someone who I really like to cuddle up against.

4) Very surprised to learn that Scott can pick me up. I guess most women think of themselves as being heavier than we are, and I’m certainly no exception to that rule. Still shocked the heck out of me.

5) Eric W. was right – the best cure for a hangover really is a packet of Emergen-C and some BC headache powder.

6) The temperature dropped suddenly this weekend & I ended up wearing one of Scott’s sweaters home. Teenie is in love with it, she’s been all over it since the minute I took it off. I promised Scott that I’d give it back, but I think he may have to wrestle the cat for it. Can’t blame her, really – it is a damn comfy sweater.

There’s some other stuff too, but I’m too tired to think of it all right now.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.