Originally posted: August 27, 2003

Man alive, I am tired today….

Ok, yet another awesome date with Scott last night. He came over & I cooked dinner. I know, I know, how very domesticated of me, no? But I figured he cooked for me last time, so don’t call me June Cleaver just yet. I made crab cakes (thanks for that recipe, Mom) and roasted asparagus — I think I oversalted both, but they were edible.

Anyway, he brought me flowers. First time I’ve gotten roses from someone I’m not related to since…. oh hell, who knows. Probably 1997 or something. Major bonus points for that. It was an all-around fabulous evening. I just need to call it a night earlier than midnight next time. At least on work nights.

Ugh. Must find coffee or soda or SOME form of caffeine before my forehead hits the keyboard. Then I get to spend at least an hour of my morning on the phone with Dell, trying to convince them that I do in fact know how to diagnose hardware failures and that the pc I’m working on really does need a replacement hard drive. And a system restore disk, since the customer is stupid & didn’t save theirs. Ah, the glamorous side of my job… Ok, I’m obviously cranky because that type of thing usually doesn’t bother me at all. I swear I really do like my job. But this morning I would like sleep better.

At least I should have time for a nap before yoga tonight.

Oh yeah, happy birthday to Chris G (2 days late).